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Andrew Nyce


Andrew has over 50 years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur in advanced and engineering materials based businesses. His most recent position was as the president and owner of Andrew Nyce Designs, Inc, where he was involved in designing, fabricating and marketing custom handmade gold, Silver, Palladium and platinum jewelry in the form of Mokume Gane, an ancient Japanese art form and Damascus stainless steel both of which Andrew created using advanced solid state diffusion bonding technology.


Prior to that he was President and owner of Gorham Advanced Materials, Inc which provided Business consulting and R&D services to global Fortune 2000 companies. His consulting division provided strategic business planning, technology assessments and market research services to Fortune 2000 companies worldwide. His contract R&D division was engaged in cutting edge Research and development in the areas of thin film coatings, ceramics, high energy magnets, aircraft jet engine alloys, ceramic cutting tools, Ceramic superconducting materials, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Powder metallurgy, metal and ceramic injection molding, alternative energy technologies and semiconductor materials. And, his conference division organized business and technical conferences in emerging and advanced materials technology for senior executives.

As Co-Founder, he assisted in raising venture capital to form WebMagnetics an on-line business resource for the permanent magnet industry.


After graduate school, he was director of technology for Crucible Magnetics responsible for the manufacturing technology for high energy Neodymium Rare Earth, hard ferrite and cast Alnico magnets as well as Crucible’s line of Hard facing welding rods and cast hard wear resistant materials for down hole oil and gas pumping applications.

While in graduate school, with three others, he co-founded Metra Inc, a high tech vacuum equipment and components company. Also while in graduate school, he worked as a consultant for the American Instrument Corporation designing specialized scientific equipment for particulate materials characterization.

Prior to that Andrew worked as a materials engineer for Westinghouse Nuclear fuel department, Allen Wood Steel corporation, and Nuclear materials and equipment corporation and an applied research engineer at Glidden research laboratories.


He has published over 100 technical papers and reports over the last 50 years and holds three patents; two in the area of advanced materials and processing; one and one on an implantable tooth. He is also the co-patent holder of an isotopically powered cardiac pacemaker.


Andrew received his B.S in Metallurgy from Pennsylvania State University, his M.S. from Carnegie Institute of Technology (Now Carnegie Mellon) and his PhD from the University of Maryland. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania graduate school of metallurgy for one year. He completed Dartmouth College’s one month Tuck Executive Program in 1987.


In 1996, he was designated a centennial Fellow of the College of Earth and Minerals Science at Pennsylvania State University. He is a member of Alpha Sigma Mu, National Metallurgical Honorary Fraternity and of The Society of Sigma Si.

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