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Ann Coffou


Ann Coffou is an accomplished entrepreneurial global B2B marketing professional with over 30 years of experience including a strong record of creating and re-energizing marketing groups. Her background crosses many spheres including revenue generation, marketing strategy creation and execution, Marketing ROI Analytics, Product development and marketing, client relationship development and P&L Management. She has held several leadership positions in marketing, business development, and product management. Ann has co-founded and led two companies where she secured investment and generated significant revenue. As Co-Founder and Vice President of JEMM Corporation she led product development and management and created and managed all marketing and channel programs. Most recently, Ann has worked as Vice President of Marketing for PointRight, Inc., a privately-held provider of data analytics and decision support services to the long term care industry. She is a published author and experienced public speaker. She holds a BA in Business Administration from Winona State University.

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