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BSG bridges the chasm between emerging growth companies and investors

Sourcing capital for emerging growth companies is one of our specialties: we assess and recommend the best method for growth and connect companies to sources of equity and/or debt. Over the last 10 years, we have facilitated numerous financings, including: private debt and equity placements, angel financing and other seed capital, venture capital, mezzanine capital, bridge financing, public equity, real estate and construction loans. BSG has a strong and growing network of formal and informal relationships with investor-partners including private individual investors, investor syndicates, venture capital funds, private equity, and debt sources.


We have the capabilities to prepare offering materials, including market assessments and competition research, and structure creative financing solutions, employing diverse techniques appropriate to ongoing business needs.


What investors and our capital partners like most about BSG is that we stay engaged.

We roll up our sleeves and get to work helping our client-partners to execute - evaluating and

integrating new technologies, developing new partnerships or channel strategies, creating

strategic marketing plans and brand messaging, and especially, generating revenue.


Our investor-partners value their relationship with BSG because we “de-risk” investments before they deploy capital and we stay on with client-partners they have invested in to aid execution and produce solid returns. BSG typically engages with high-potential companies 6 to 12 months before a significant capital raise and prepares its client-partners to become ideal investment targets. BSG ensures a company’s team and business plan are definitively working.  We reduce the resource burden for our capital partners and truncate the normal due diligence process by internally assessing the value creation trajectory and finding it’s inflection point before our partners invest.

BSG’s long history of taking promising companies with unrealized potential and setting them on a path of growth and value creation is attractive to angel investors and venture funds.  Companies are vetted, business plans are created, and executive teams are augmented with seasoned BSG members who are experts in their field.  Targets are created and milestones met.


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