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Our Clients

BSG exists to deliver strategic advice and execution assistance to our Clients.

Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process: Making Entrepreneurs & Their Companies Successful


We prioritize the following criteria when evaluating potential Members:

  • Innovation that is capable of delivering sustainable and differentiated value in markets that will continue to expand.

  • Undervalued market opportunities.  We are attracted to companies with niche, “non-sexy” product offerings with strong financial value propositions that need winning commercialization strategies and executive talent to fully realize them.

  • Founders or CEOs who are growth oriented, emotionally mature, eager to embrace informed strategic input, and who welcome the support BSG can provide in building their businesses.

  • If the company is pre-revenue, a strong likelihood of achieving revenues within 18 months. (BSG clients represent a wide range of revenue stages.)


We typically do not become involved with companies in industries for which multiple high-priced rounds will be necessary to validate market demand and create a viable exit opportunity. However, we frequently engage with firms that will need one or more successive rounds of capitalization, which BSG can assist with as part of our engagement.    

Typical BSG Client Profile

BSG targets young, entrepreneurially managed companies.  Historically, about 25% of our clients are startups; the rest are relatively established and generating revenue. Typical characteristics:

  • The CEO is the founder

  • Annual revenue ranges from $0 to $20 million (average < $5 million)

  • Management team focused on significant growth and capital

  • Multiple market verticals

  • Company is challenged by growth cycle transition












BSG - Client Engagement


In the first phase of a client relationship, BSG’s engagement team meets with the CEO and key executives to analyze the business using a proprietary assessment methodology.  The outcome is a Value Growth Plan – a detailed strength/weakness analysis with specific recommendations for what the company should do to achieve goals and maximize potential. The VGP also details specifically how BSG could be engaged to support execution of those recommendations, including filling key management positions on an interim or long-term basis. 



In the second phase we work in concert with the client to execute against these recommendations, customarily by designing a 12-month plan incorporating the various offerings in our full-spectrum engagement model. This often culminates in BSG “embedding” one or more of its Leaders into key roles with the client, such as  COO, CFO, VP of Sales, and VP of Marketing.

BSG Engagement Model
















Typical Member Profile
BSG Target Clients.jpg

Interested in becoming a Member or Leader?

Call us at 617-515-1730 or use our Contact Form.

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