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David Potter, Group Leader, University Entrepreneur Programs


David Potter collaborates with eminent scientists, clinicians, and technologists to create successful commercial healthcare and medical products ventures based upon innovations developed at leading universities, research organizations, and corporate new ventures units.  David’s focus has been on chronic disease diagnostics and management, healthcare analytics, alternatives to invasive surgical procedures, and care coordination solutions. His ability to channel the talents of creative innovators, and to leverage deep understanding of key value propositions and operational cultures across the patient/provider/payer spectrum, has produced sustainable ventures in domains including diabetes, chronic morbid obesity, periodontal disease and its leading coco-morbidities, urological disease management, and eldercare neurological diagnostics and solutions.

Professional Background


Dave has built, operated, and consulted for successful Healthcare IT, consumer products, and B2B software ventures for more than 20 years. His core expertise is in developing and driving the implementation of go-to-market Strategies that align both creatively, and tightly, with high-level business objectives of targeted customers, in a context and language that effectively resonates with key decision makers across vertical functions.


His Healthcare IT roles have focused on young companies with superior value propositions for delivering better patient care, more effective and efficient Provider delivery, and significant financial benefits to Payers. These have included roles as: Co-Founder and COO of Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc., EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Patient Engagement Systems, Inc., and Restart COO of The Previser Corporation, the gold standard in oral health management platforms, subsequently sold to PE firm Ignition Partners.

During his corporate career, David was a senior brand management and marketing officer for divisions of Textron Inc., General Mills, and The Unum Corporation, a Fortune 200 health care Payer. He has raised both angel and venture capital in both his consulting and operating manager roles, and holds NASD Series 77 and Series 66 certifications. David graduated from Bowdoin College and obtained his MBA degree from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College. He is a published author on Healthcare IT subjects, and advises two university Technology Transfer organizations on commercializing intellectual property.


Past University Collaborations


The University of Vermont

Retained by the Director of Technology Transfer to 1.) assess the commercial viability of four healthcare innovation properties whose IP was owned by UVM, and 2.) create a business plan to validate $50,000 UVM Ventures Grants for those two chosen for development into commercial operating companies, later expanded to attract $500,000 and $300,000, respectively, in Series A capital. Also worked with Tech Transfer to set in motion an IP out-licensing initiative for a third company. Subsequently embedded as interim COO for the two operating companies.


Temple University/University of Washington (Seattle) Collaboration

Retained to re-start and obtain seed funding for a dormant periodontal disease management company whose IP was jointly owned by two universities. Remained embedded with the company for four years until it was sold to a West Coast private equity firm.


Brown University

Retained to create a business plan to justify commercializing and seed-funding a novel gene therapy property owned by the University. The company adopted an out-licensing model to biopharma partners.


The University of Rhode Island

Retained to complement the scientist founder/CEO in creating and operating a company providing specialized IP to Abbott Labs (Johnson & Johnson).  The company was subsequently sold to American Healthways Inc.



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