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Innovative Natural Consumer Products Group 

BSG's Innovative Natural Consumer Products Group assists companies in creating groundbreaking new brands that focus on bringing healthy, natural solutions to everyday living. Our professionals have experience building brands in the food, beverage, nutraceuticals, health & wellness, holistic medicinal, and beauty categories.


Our objectives with each client-partner are tailored to their needs but primarily focus on creating growth and generating incremental revenue and profit.


Our strategy is to leverage proven classic marketing and sales packaged goods expertise and experience to build brands into national category powerhouses. BSG helps prepare companies for successful financings, as well as exits through major food, health or beauty companies seeking to add innovative brands to their portfolios.


BSG embeds executives into client-partner management teams to ensure strong execution. Combined with a strong capital sourcing network, our client-partners are able to expand nationally and position themselves for acquisition at ideal terms.


Steve Garcia

Group Leader



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