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Jeff Massa


Jeff Massa has over thirty years of executive experience, specializing in technically oriented companies. His extensive experience includes business and strategic consulting for companies, product development, technology development, business models and development, and M&A. As a business executive and entrepreneur he has built and successfully exited several companies with experience in raising capital from venture capital, private equity and institutional investment, as well as developing patented technology. His effective strategy focuses on bringing a customer centric view to companies and combines his technology and business background to find innovative solutions for his clients. Most recently, as President and CEO of YellowBrix, Inc., Jeff implemented a plan including debt and employment restructuring and development of a new corporate team model which turned the company to positive revenue growth and increased customer retention from 64% to over 90%. Also while CEO, Jeff successfully acquired four companies and was able to rapidly integrate each business while maintaining their existing customers and products. Prior to YellowBrix, Jeff held high level executive positions at Intell-X and Comtex Scientific Corporation where he greatly increased revenue and increased business efficiency within both companies. Prior to that, Jeff worked for the National Security Council serving as Deputy Director of the Systems White House Situation Support Staff. While there he served three Presidents. Jeff designed and implemented integrated systems for all classified processing throughout the White House and developed and implemented AI systems for use throughout the National Security Council (NSC) in addition to many other security advances and achievements.

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