Legal Services: Shane & Associates

BSG caters to the legal needs of our client-partners through its partnership with Shane & Associates, PC, a law firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs address the myriad challenges of growth, ranging from capital campaign to general corporate legal services.


Many BSG client-partners require legal work in addition to their business and capital requirements. Tom Shane, founder of BSG who also developed his previous law firm, Shane & Paolillo, into a bi-coastal firm of 46 attorneys before a successful exit, formed Shane & Associates to meet the legal needs of BSG client-partners.


Shane & Associates offers consultations on regulatory compliance, drafting of corporate documents from formation to acquisition, and up-to-date legal guidance on capital campaign strategy. The services of Shane & Associates, in combination with BSG’s unique embedding model and capital partner, allows BSG to conveniently serve all the needs of its client-partners and work efficiently without having to deal with outside counsel that is often unknowledgeable on the true legal needs of their early stage business clients. Learn more about Shane & Associates at or contact us directly using our Contact Form.