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Our Services

BSG provides entrepreneurs with executive advice, sounding boards, execution partners and access to capital.


Our Mission


An entrepreneur must grow as a leader along with the growth of his or her company.  Management skills, the executive team, and the ability to respond effectively to opportunities, deal with crises, and rebound from mistakes all must be continuously strengthened.  BSG helps our client CEOs think through critical issues and hard choices, strengthen short-handed teams with experienced talent, optimize operations, raise the right type and amount of capital, and successfully transition to the next stage in their company’s growth.  Since our founding BSG has grown steadily each year, expanding our roster and gaining new clients.

Strategy & Execution

Driving Strategy & Execution


We work with small to medium-sized entrepreneurial growth companies targeting significant market problems with great products and defensible value propositions.  Our typical client is the founder/CEO grappling with the daunting challenge of balancing the promise of future potential with execution risk and capital needs.

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Embedding Talent

Embedding Talent


BSG’s roster includes seasoned professionals and executives from all major functional areas and industries spanning Technology, Health Care/Medical, Consumer and Industrial products and services, Communications, Alternative Energy, Specialty Foods, and others.  They have served as CEOs and C-level managers for successful young and/or turnaround ventures as well as established enterprises.  Many have also endured unsuccessful ventures and absorbed the hard lessons from them.  All bring valuable years of experience and well-honed skills into the trenches with clients.

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Preparing for Exit


Whether investors are pushing for liquidity, key persons are closing in on retirement, or any of the myriad other reasons one might seek to exit, BSG has the talent and execution ability to maximize your company's performance and valuation before a sale.  Engaging 6-12 months before the target transaction, we develop or refine your strategic plan, assist in executing on that plan, and

embed experienced executive talent. We work together to effectively leverage your company's strengths and mitigate weaknesses. We also can assist in

finding the right buyer for your situation or work hand-in-hand with an investment banker.

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We work with clients throughout the year based on specific needs as they confront growth opportunities and challenges.  Whatever those needs – entrepreneurially focused content, real-time Q&A, advisory services, project consulting, even interim executives – BSG’s world class experts can fulfill them as part of a full-spectrum engagement model that provides maximum flexibility and superior price-performance:


  • A low-cost Base Membership, which includes expert content and exclusive engagement rights throughout the Membership duration.

  • An intensive full-day Workshop for every client, which yields a Value Growth Plan (VGP): an in-depth SWOT assessment and detailed plan of action for the coming year.

  • Regular advisory access to our roster of experts across a wide variety of disciplines.

  • Project Planning & Execution services with dedicated BSG experts and resources.

  • Embedded Management, by which a senior BSG expert is retained by the client on an interim C-level basis.


The first three levels - Base Membership, Workshop and advisory access - are bundled together as part of the client’s annual subscription designed in collaboration with BSG.  Advanced engagements - project consulting and Embedded Management - are dictated by the client’s ongoing needs.

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Interested in becoming a Client or Expert?

Call us at 617-515-1730 or use our Contact Form.

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