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Sherrill Berk


Sherrill Berk is a senior business development professional with 20 years of experience helping organizations grow. Her background in marketing, sales and general management and non-profit development and management spans several verticals, including Medicine and Healthcare and Medical Education; Management Education, Training, and Development; Educational Test Preparation; Financial Services; and Food Banking. She was a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch and a financial planning firm, managed the development of new training and educational products for American Management Association (AMA), has written and conducting leadership training skills program for AMA, and was regional director for a publicly-held educational counseling, study skills and test prep company where she managed 13 offices in 5 states. More recently, Sherrill has worked in the non-profit sector as a director of development for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, and an associate director of development for the University of Virginia Health Foundation. She has also held leadership positions in several nonprofit organizations, and is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors for Hillel at the University of Virginia. She holds a BA from Boston College and an MBA from Northeastern University.

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