BSG Launches Innovative Natural Consumer Products Group

BSG is leveraging its considerable marketing and sales talent to focus on the rapidly expanding specialty natural consumer products markets. Our professionals have experience building brands in the food, beverage, nutraceuticals, health & wellness, holistic medicinal, and beauty categories. We partner with entrepreneurs in these fields that are in the early stages of market penetration or are working to revitalize an existing brand.

The specialty foods segment is an especially promising market right now. Traditional food conglomerates are struggling to keep up with nimble early stage ventures that have launched disruptive products well-tailored to consumers increasingly turning away from traditional packaged goods offerings. Since 2010 there have been 400 food startups that have received more than $6 billion combined in funding.

Large companies have taken note. General Mills launched a venture fund and startup accelerator recently that focuses exclusively on promising specialty food brands. Just last month Campbell’s launched a $125 million venture fund also targeted exclusively at emerging specialty food companies.

BSG differentiates itself from these large companies seeking to position themselves to eventually acquire their investment or acceleration targets because we are exclusively concerned with building value and positioning our client-partners to achieve the best possible terms when they go to seek capital. Our embedded executive model ensures that the execution plan we formulate with your team is followed and also provides the tranparency that our strong, non-exclusive, capital network values. The BSG model positions your company for the right source of capital at the right time and our professionals often stay on a team to make sure that capital is deployed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Our professionals have built brands from the ground up and can assist your natural consumer products company in reaching its full potential. To learn more about our new Group visit the Group Page, email us using our Contact Form, or call us at 617-454-1105.

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