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Business: Reseller of long distance phone services seeking to expand offerings.


Challenge:   The company’s legacy business, resale of long-distance minutes, was low margin but high volume and profitable.  CEO was seeking $2 million to acquire a business that would add complementary telecom service lines, expand market reach, and facilitate scale.  The existing investors were reluctant to participate in the financing.  BSG engaged to analyze the strategy and team prior to making introductions to capital sources.


BSG Impact:  Embedded BSG Leader assumed strategic planning role; reviewed and enhanced strategy, focusing on ramping up the core business and how to best structure the acquisition.  Prepared and supported $2 million capital raise.


Results:  An existing shareholder invested the entire $2 million.   The company consummated the acquisition, doubled revenue and profitability with strong cash flow. Investor received investment back in less than 24 months and retains significant ownership of company.






Business:  Frozen bagel manufacturer seeking to expand operations based on innovative “infused bagel” product concept.


Challenge:  Company developed novel line of “infused” frozen bagels, prefilled with cheese and other fillings.  Although the products gained market share and revenue by selling to supermarket chains, poor marketing and merchandising resulted in disappointing profits and financial pressure.   


BSG Impact:  After a market and competitive analysis, embedded BSG Leader recommended a strategic shift to the government sector, specifically the Department of Defense, and developed a new growth plan for the product line.    BSG helped the client secure financing to restructure the business and pursue the new market. Provided ongoing strategic advice and support directly to the CEO.


Results:  Company successfully generated continuous DoD contracts.  Currently generating annual revenue of $6 million under long-term contracts, with margins of 25%.





Business:  Proprietary award-winning recycling technology providing poultry processors with an economically feasible method of converting waste into fibers for a variety of industrial applications.


Challenge:  Initial commercialization strategy focused on bioplastics stalled due to fierce, low-cost competition from established additives.   


BSG Impact:  A BSG Leader was embedded as VP, Strategic Business Development.  Developed commercialization strategy targeting new billion-dollar markets, including industrial oil spill absorbents and insulation.  Created technology licensing strategy.  Developed revised business plan and advised on terms for $500K Convertible Note financing.


Results:  Company executed new product launch into industrial absorbent market.  Signed international joint venture partner to license proprietary recycling technology and commercialize end-products in ASEAN countries.  Restructured corporate debt and created business plan for capital raise.




Business: A $200K fat-free brownie business the founder started out of her home with two virtual employees, funded with a small SBA loan, engaged BSG to expand.


Challenge: The company’s brands generated local traction through mom and pop distribution.  The company founder needed help weighing the options of staying local or expanding nationally. 


BSG Impact:  A BSG Leader was embedded as the CEO’s “coach” and chief strategy officer.  Developed and supported implementation of national expansion plan, including manufacturing, branding, merchandising, and sales management.  Guided successful capital raise.


Results:  The company's products were successfully placed in Whole Foods, Shaw’s, Wegmans, Star, and other national chains. Acquired for $2.5 million for cash and royalties.  Investors received a 6X return within 36 months






Business: Market research and consulting firm provides predictive insights into annual purchasing plans for diagnostic laboratory equipment of major research institutions


Challenge: Despite a blue chip client base for quantitative, panel-based market research, the company struggled with flat revenues, falling margins, and operational challenges.  At the same time, the firm’s investors were pressuring founder/CEO to sell the firm.  


BSG Impact:  BSG embedded to assess the company’s strategy and operations.   Developed strategy to expand service offerings and increase profit margins by adding expert qualitative analysis to product offerings, create subscription-based services, and identify potential merger/acquisition partners.  Recommended and assisted in recruiting new CEO, with founder taking position of President.


Results:  Private equity firm invested $1.5 million to buy out existing investors.  BSG assisted in implementation of strategy, including recruiting of CEO and acquisition of syndicated research firm.  BSG Leader provides ongoing advisory and holds seat on Board of Directors.




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