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BSG can help bring early stage business concepts to life

BSG works with universities' IP and business development programs to validate commercial potential and prepare university-affiliated entrepreneurs for success. We customize our commercial validation and business development programs based on the needs of the university and each university affiliated client-partner.




Proof of Commercial Relevance


A BSG Leader experienced in your market meets with you and your team to deep dive into your business or concept to document how far you’ve come, what you know, and recommend what you need to move to the next stage on the commercialization path. Using an industry-specific scorecard, BSG conducts a rigorous audit, looking at the product concept, market fit, strategy and business model, financial assumptions, regulatory and legal factors, and funding needs near-term and long-term.


Business Planning for Seed Funding & Grants


BSG has the experience to produce powerful business plans and supporting materials for early stage funding initiatives to support health care and medical technology startups. Importantly, our insights will not only address opportunities and commercial upside, but also challenges, risks, and gaps to be filled. Key issues we typically address include:


  • Assessing the Product – What is the problem that the product solves? What is the unique value proposition? What are the competitive or proprietary advantages that will lead to differentiation and commercial traction? What is the stage of product development? What is the development roadmap? What do your cost and pricing structures look like?

  • Understanding the Target Market – What is the market size and growth rates? Who are the leading and emerging competitors and how do you compare? Who are the best target customers and why? Market segments? What are the regulatory requirements?

  • Defining the Execution Plan – What is the best organizational structure and business model? What is the best marketing/sales/distribution strategy? What are your management and staffing needs?

  • Building Financial Projections – What are the key assumptions for a comprehensive financial model?

  • Raising Capital – How should funding be staged and timed? What type of funding and when? What is a reasonable valuation for the business?


Capital Sourcing & Operational Support


BSG can provide support for all forms of fund raising and provide needed operational expertise to assist in execution and achieving long term goals.


David Potter

Group Leader

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